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This is not a rating community

...or is it?

this is not a rating community
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"What now?," you say, "another rating community? but it's not a rating community!" exactly. This is just another rating community so people can feel good about themselves for being accepted, and bad for not being accepted. The important thing to note is what makes this one different from the rest. To be honest I don't know. Apparently this community is based 75% on personality but 25% on how cool your photo is. However, everyone's opinion is different so you might totally suck and get accepted. On the other hand, you might totally rock and not get accepted. It's all luck. Anyway, yes. If you feel like subjecting yourself to random people so they can disect your very being then please join. If not then you are insanely cool and have a lot of willpower.


oh how I love rules. let's make this numerical, shall we?

number a) please don't be super mean. I guess you can be "honest", but if you're an ass then that's just not cool. If you are an ass several times we'll warn you. If you CONTINUE then we'll just ban you. Do not be an ass to someone because you think you're "above" them or you have "better" taste in movies/music/etc. Simply say no if you don't like their answers.

number b) if you aren't accepted yet try not to vote on people, because it's confusing. I mean, I guess you could do a "hypothetical" vote. like, "hypothetically, if I were in this community, I'd totally accept you." so yeah, feel free to do that. but make sure we know you aren't stamped yet. and if you don't let us know that then we might ban you... because we're evil.

number c) so if you are lucky enough to be a stamped member please vote according to personality first, and then looks second. like 75% on how cool they are and 25% on how swell they look.

number d) if you want to apply then please fill out the crappy survey that we've supplied completely. say whatever you want. be warned though, if you have INSANELY crappy grammar/spelling skilz0rz then we'll just reject you. and don't say "lol". that gets super annoying. oh yeah, don't forget to post a photo of yourself or two. if you're clever about the photos then I'll love you forever.

number e)

number f) be cool, dudes.

[The Survey Thing that you have to fill out]





7 Bands/Singers that you think are cool:

5 books that rock:

10 movies that are super cool:

Do you have any neat talents?

It's the old deserted island question! what three things would you bring with you?

another classic question. You get to go out to dinner with someone awesome (alive or dead). Who is it?

What's your dream job?

What makes you weird?

what's the best theatrical production you've seen, and why?

What's something you hate, or strongly dislike?

Favourite food and drink:

most prized possession?

what's a swell website besides LJ?

come up with a nifty lyric or two:

Why not.. give an embarrasing moment:

Favourite city?

give a motto/quote of sorts:

Name a celebrity that you love (or name a billion if you'd like)


the end!



[Accepted Folks]

A: __apathy
B: bbcandle
C: catsupcollecter
I: vivacita
K: kris_kitty
L: laizeohbeets, lauriness
M: missdooberry
S: squeeish
T: sushi
W: waenweth

now I know my ABCs, next time won't you sing with me?