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Name: raven

Age: 20

Location: texas

Grade: 14th? i'm a sophomore in college

7 Bands/Singers that you think are cool:
+jeff klein
+the new amsterdams
+rilo kiley
+saves the day
+the long winters
+rocky votalato
+michelle branch

5 books that rock:
+white oleander by janet fitch
+warriors don't cry by melba beals
+to kill a mockingbird by harper lee
+all quiet on the western front erich remarque
+bridget jones's diary haha i'm a dork i know.

10 movies that are super cool:
+eternal sunshine
+all the real girls!! - go rent this. it's good
+american beauty
+legally blonde - reese witherspoon is so cute!
+mean girls, just saw it and thought it was super cool!
+bowling for columbine? can that count?

Do you have any neat talents? i'm a good cook

It's the old deserted island question! what three things would you bring with you? a. sunscreen - i dont want skin cancer, no thanks. b. some magazines/books anything to read c. and water- i don't think i'd like to drink salt water, ew.

another classic question. You get to go out to dinner with someone awesome (alive or dead). Who is it? ooh. elvis! i think it's be cool to see what he orders. he's the king, after all.

What's your dream job? to be a principal!

What makes you weird? i'm a clean freak and i can't stand for the covers on my bed to be messed up.

what's the best theatrical production you've seen, and why? les miserables on broadway

What's something you hate, or strongly dislike? i strongly dislike seeing pregnant bellies. it grosses me out.

Favourite food and drink: sandwiches or chicken; water/tea

most prized possession? my senior book. so many memories- with pictures/awards/senior type stuff. it's definitely worth keeping.

what's a swell website besides LJ? my boyfriend's bands website- www.inhopeliesseasons.com is pretty darn swell.

come up with a nifty lyric or two: i always thought that age would bring clarity, but everyday is surrounded by self-pity -jeff klein lyric that describes my life right now. lend me some sugar.. i AM your neighbor- because i think that's the funniest part of HEY YA

Why not.. give an embarrasing moment: ugh, i have many. the most current was when i slipped on some water in the hall while walking to sociology last semester. not only did i fall and was late. i also broke my flip flop so i had to walk the rest of the day with no shoes. it was gross. but i could'nt miss anymore class.

Favourite city? hmm college station, texas. it's really pretty and peaceful there.

give a motto/quote of sorts: "those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music." - angela monet

Name a celebrity that you love (or name a billion if you'd like) reese witherspoon, nicole kidman, brad pitt, adam brody. lindsay lohan - my new favorite teenage actress. hmm can't think of anymore. madonna! yea? why not.


my pictures aren't very "clever". i dont have a web cam anymore, and i was never into taking pseudo artsy pictures of myself. but ooh look- there's my puppy!
the end!
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