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More rating stuff..

Name: Britta Martin

Age: 19

Location: Winston-Salem, NC

Grade: Freshman at Salem College

7 Bands/Singers that you think are cool:
+ Ani DiFranco
+ Sarah McLachlan
+ Pink Floyd
+ Garbage
+ Evanescence
+ Jennifer Knapp
+ Picking another one is hard! Alanis Morrisette, I guess. Or Tegan and Sara.

5 books that rock:
+ Song for the Basilisk by Patricia A. McKillip
+ Winter Rose by Patricia A. McKillip
+ A Ring of Endless Light by Madeleine L'Engle
+ His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman
+ And a lot of classics that I can't actually choose a favourite from. It's hard to choose favourite books 'cause I love books so much.

10 movies that are super cool:
+ Little Women (1994 version)
+ Elizabeth
+ The Gift (I love Cate Blanchett)
+ Chicago
+ The Hours
+ Lola Rennt
+ Adolescence Mokushiroku
+ Harry Potter
+ Pirate of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
+ The Sound of Music

Do you have any neat talents?
Depends on what you mean by... talent... hmm. I'm a good counselor. I like to help others by talking them through things. I'm... a writer. I say I'm alright at it, though I never finish anything I start. I used to be able to kick really well with my left foot... before I stopped playing soccer.

It's the old deserted island question! what three things would you bring with you?
MUSIC... I might go crazy without music. I'd probably bring a friend along, though it'd be hard to choose which. Am I allowed to bring my friend? I'm not very materialistic, so this question is hard. Probably my favourite book if I could bring my friend as well.

Another classic question. You get to go out to dinner with someone awesome (alive or dead). Who is it?
Probably Madeleine L'Engle. I think she is one of the most interesting people I have ever heard of. She's amazing. I have to admit that her fiction is not some of my favourite, but for childrean it's pretty awesome stuff... I especially like how she wants children to think. I love her non-fiction, though. She's a great amount of liberal mixed in with Christianity. I'm a religion-whore... I love religion. And I love how she loves it... how she explains. I especially love the fact that there is at least 50 years difference between the two of us... and yet I can still relate to what she has to say.

What's your dream job?
I don't have a dream job. I have a job that I think I would like to do... but it doesn't seem very dreamy. I'm not 100% sure what I want to do in the area of therapy (counseling)... but that'll be it. I lean towards counseling battered women and children... I've always had a need to help people who needed help. But I would love to do something with religion, as well... I'm just not sure what yet.

What makes you weird?
Haha, what doesn't make me weird? I have tried to relate anime to regular life. Not in a while, but it was weird. I got weird looks. I only wear sandals unless it's snowing or too cold to wear them while it's raining. What's weirder is I wear socks with them when it's cold enough that I should be wearing sneakers. Sometimes I like to mismatch my socks on purpose. I like buttons... that is sort of weird, right? I don't know.

What's the best theatrical production you've seen, and why?
I have to say seeing Wicked on Broadway kicked so much ass. I've never seen anything else on Broadway, nor anything before that (I saw that back during my fall break). It was just... so real. So alive. Idina Menzel (yum...) had this one song she was singing, and she opened her arms up as she tried to hit a note... and I always picture that she was trying to catch a note and bring the audience in as she did so. It was beautiful... that was my favourite part of the whole thing. It wasn't even my favourite song... but that part was just amazing. Of course, the whole show was amazing.

What's something you hate, or strongly dislike?
People who are close-minded... on both the right and left sides. Someone who refuses to try to understand someone who is homosexual pisses me off as much as someone who is pro-homosexuality but they don't try to understand another person's view-point on why they don't accept it. I think it's hypocritical, and wrong.

Favourite food and drink:
Macaroni and cheese... and IBC black cherry soda. Both are so yummy.

Most prized possession?
Umm... my music collection, probably. Simply because I love music so much. But it's not prized. I'm not sure that I have a "prized" possession. Like I said... I'm not very materialistic.

What's a swell website besides LJ? I don't do much surfing... which is why I get so bored at work. I have nothing to do! Plus, I can't listen to sound so I can't even go to that website! WAIT! I know an even better one... it feeds my button obsession... Everyone should buy buttons from there.

Come up with a nifty lyric or two:
I hope you don't mean that I need to make up lyrics... 'cause I suck at that. If you want me to put one up... sure!

"I am an all powerful amazon warrior
Not just some sniveling girl"

"I know men are delicate
Origami creatures
Who need women to unfold them
Hold them when they cry"
- Both are from Origami by Ani DiFranco... I just bought the CD yesterday so I'm a bit obsessed.

Why not.. give an embarrasing moment:
Any moment where I say a really stupid thing is embarrasing for me. I always make things worse in my head than they really are. Oi. But... hmm... one just yesterday. A girl I know made a new livejournal layout for herself. She told everyone to look at it. Not thinking, I laughed and told her to give me a picture so I could make her a layout. I meant to be helpful, but I know I am came off bitchy and mean. I figured out that I was being a bitch to her before she even said anything to me, and I apologized. I still am a little embarrased about it.

Favourite city?
Asheville, North Carolina... I love the mountains. Oh how I love the mountains.

Give a motto/quote of sorts:
"You cannot find peace by avoiding life..." - That's from The Hours and Virginia says it to Leonard. I love that quote... I have to remind myself of it when I get depressed enough to lock myself up in my room. I think, "Wow... that's not doing you any good, Britta."

Name a celebrity that you love (or name a billion if you'd like)
Hell yes! A billion! Not quiet that many... but I'll name a good number!
Kate Winslet... I was just thinking about how none of my favourite movies star her. I want to see the Hamlet that she's in, though. Oi... she's good at drama, and she gorgeous. She's so elegant.
Cate Blanchett... also elegant. I also want to look just like her Galadriel character from LotR... only... not blonde. She was my absolute favourite from that triology.
Jennifer Connelly... also elegant. See the pattern? I like elegant women. I also love how she acts... as I do with the other women.
Johnny Depp. One of the few male actors that I care for.
Matt Damon. Also another one of the few male actors I care for.
Nicole Kidman. I like her more for her newer stuff... and her (could you guess) elegance. Though... the whole smoking thing is a turn off.

Picture: I'll put two 'cause one if me goofing around, and I like to show of my eyebrow ring for the other.

Note: Yeah, I know this place doesn't look too active... but I thought this would be fun if people were still up for doing this. Thanks. ^_^
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