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Name: Jason
Age: 21
Location: New Jersey
Grade: 3rd year of college
7 Bands/Singers that you think are cool:
+They Might Be Giants
+ the Aquabats!
+ Bjork
+ Outkast
+ Ozma
+ Man...or Astroman?
+ Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer
5 books that rock:
+ 1984
+ White Noise
+ the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
+ Uncle Shelby's ABZ Book
+ Me Talk Pretty Some Day
10 movies that are super cool:
+ Pee Wee's Big Adventure
+ This is Spinal Tap
+ the Toxic Avenger
+ Being John Malkovich
+ Waking Life
+ Monty Python's the Meaning of Life
+ Princess Mononoke
+ the Goonies
+ American Splendor
+ Zoolander
Do you have any neat talents? I wrote a song about the guy who created the zipper. People tell me i'm a good drawler, too.
It's the old deserted island question! what three things would you bring with you? a solar-powered Game Boy, pens and paper, an iPod.
another classic question. You get to go out to dinner with someone awesome (alive or dead). Who is it? Andy Kauffman.
What's your dream job? making cartoons and getting paid for it.
What makes you weird? I wrote a song about the guy who created the zipper.
what's the best theatrical production you've seen, and why? i saw the Music Man off-broadway, and Vinnie from Doogie Howser was in it.
What's something you hate, or strongly dislike? over-consumption and arrogance. also, the fact that i've had the same haircut since 4th grade, with the hair curling out at certain parts of the head and now it's becoming the hip thing to have. Ashton Kutcher has my haircut! another thing i strongly dislike...Ashton Kutcher.
Favourite food and drink: vegetable sushi and green jasmine tea.
most prized possession? my iMac.
what's a swell website besides LJ? www.seanbaby.com
come up with a nifty lyric or two: my family always says we're two different species, I'm a human being, you swim in your own feces.
They say these things to me, tryin to make our love grow weak, but I don't listen to them as I'm kissin you on the beak.
Cause I will be your man, you will be my squid, we will fall in love and be glad we did. You will be my squid and I will be your man, run away from the world, put your tentacle in my hand.
Why not.. give an embarrasing moment: when i spilled ketchup all over my pants at the Hard Rock Cafe.
Favourite city? Toronto.
give a motto/quote of sorts: "be the change you wish to see in the world" - Ghandi
Name a celebrity that you love (or name a billion if you'd like): Spike Jonze, André 3000, Bjork, Hulk Hogan, etc.

Fin! (because French is cool)
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